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Hoodaya - Hyper Local Digital Community Bulletin Board with all the information you need to know about Solivita in one place.
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About Us

The Lambrides Family

You Asked For it! So We Built It!

The Lambrides family has lived in Solivita since 2005 and now runs a real estate firm, services company, and digital community bulletin board (Hoodaya) focussed specifically on Solivita.

We Love This Community & Strive To Be The Best Neighbors We Can Be!!

Our team is here to serve our community by helping you have the time of your life. The main members of our team include our father Paul Lambrides, call sign Gorilla 1, who is a US Air Force career veteran. He can now be found on the Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools, or Gyms here in Solivita. Our mother, Adele Lambrides was in real estate for 40 years. She too can be found on the Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools, and Gyms here in Solivita. Elizabeth Lambrides, the co-founder of Hoodaya, is a computer software guru with 25 years of technology experience. She also runs Fairway Realty of Solivita, owns & operates Fairway Services of Solivita, and manages Hoodaya. She loves water volleyball, mahjongg, and traveling with friends. Scott Cimock, our brother from another mother, is a globally renowned, award-winning designer with 25 years of graphic and web design. Scott met Elizabeth and John while attending UCF in Orlando. John Lambrides (we saved the best for last), the co-founder of Hoodaya, is an electrical engineer that has been in technology services and platform creation for 25 years.

We have put all our combined experiences together to create Hoodaya, a digital community bulletin board to provide our friends and neighbors with great information about our community and the fun things going on around us. We want and look forward to your input on the information we’ve provided and look forward to hearing your suggestions on what else we can include and how we can make it better.

We are Christians and believe in giving back to those in need so please take a look at the charity and volunteer opportunities in our community. Let us know if you would like assistance getting linked up with a volunteer organization. We are here to help.

Please use one of the forms below or send us an email at with your feedback.

Please email us with any comments, thoughts, or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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