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GERMANY with HD 8K ULTRA (60 FPS)- Travel to the best places in Germany with relaxing music 8K TV

GERMANY with HD 8K ULTRA (60 FPS)- Travel to the best places in Germany with relaxing music 8K TV

GERMANY with HD 8K ULTRA (60 FPS)- Travel to the best places in Germany with relaxing music 8K TV

Germany is one of the largest and most powerful countries in Europe and the most populous on the old continent after Russia.
We start in Germany, with Berlin, the capital of the German country, which is perhaps the least German city of all. But it has so much to offer that your visit is almost a must. As is knowing its interesting history and visiting the famous wall that kept the city divided for 28 years.
If we have already told you that Berlin is a must in the country, Munich and its impressive Marienplatz with the neo-Gothic building of the new town hall.

More and more travelers include Frankfurt among the preferred destinations to visit in Germany. This city of contrasts, in addition to being an important international financial center, offers a good number of attractions for all tastes.
One of the biggest tourist attractions in the country is the famous Black Forest. This beautiful natural setting is neither a jungle, rather it is dreamlike forests, with walks to fully enjoy nature and charming towns such as Freiburg, Baden-Baden, or Gegenbach.

Precisely in the Black Forest is the imposing Hohenzollern Castle, which meets all the requirements that any fairytale castle worth its salt must meet.

Europa Park started as a small amusement park and ended up being one of the best theme parks in all of Europe.
We could not understand Germany without its most famous river: the Rhine River. Although it is not the longest in Europe (not by far), it is the most navigated river, so a good travel plan is to take a cruise and visit They say that the perfect town exists and that it is also on the Romantic Road. If you don’t have enough time to explore the entire route in-depth, you should at least visit Rothenburg ob der Tauber.65 km from the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, from Bingen to Koblenz, full of medieval towns and castles.
Motor enthusiasts have a choice: the Audi museum in Ingolstadt, the Porche Museum and the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, and of course the BMW museum in the city of Munich. Beer has such cultural importance in Germany that Oktoberfest, the most important popular festival in the country.
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